Our second commitment:

We will help build a shared future

Climate change is an urgent issue that demands everyone’s attention, and the gas sector has a vital role to play. Now, more than ever, we need to consider the impact our energy use has on the world around us.

SGN Shared Future

That’s why we’re working to deliver a cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy system, while continuing to make sure bills are fair. Our customers have told us they want us to design a gas network that uses ‘green’, low-carbon gas.

They also want us to set targets to reduce our carbon footprint, produce less waste, and research greener ways of providing energy. At the same time, we need to teach our customers about future energy solutions and share advice on how to use energy more efficiently.

Progress so far

Work has already begun. We’ve started replacing old iron pipes with a strong plastic, which can be used to deliver greener, low carbon gases safely and reliably.  This will reduce methane leaks too – leading to a significant reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions. In the period from 2013 to 2018, we reduced our carbon emissions by 25.6%, and we’re currently supplying enough green gas to heat almost 180,000 homes.

We’re also running trial projects to develop natural gas fuels for transport. For example, in Aberdeen, we’re running a trial of 10 buses using hydrogen, which is currently the largest test of its type in Europe. Meanwhile, in Reading, we’re powering buses and taxis that produce almost zero carbon and reduce harmful fuels. And we’re working on a project that will allow us to test the safety, reliability and functionality of a 100% hydrogen network.

Overcoming challenges

Climate change is a global problem, and we’re committed to helping to solve it. Tackling the issue of greenhouse gases isn’t easy. To make it happen, we’re working closely with the Scottish and UK governments, customer groups and environmental experts.

We’re also working hard to tackle the practical challenges of making our network cleaner, which involves updating our pipes and control systems. New technologies and automation give us opportunities to create a smarter, greener network.

Our future plans

We have a three-stage plan in place. The first step involves working across the industry to change how different types of gas are processed. In doing this, we can save money for customers by increasing the diversity and security of the UK’s gas supplies.

Next, we are learning more about how and when customers use gas. If we know more about how gas is being used we can make better decisions based on local demands on our network.

The third step is to use the latest innovations and technology, including real-time sensors to help us to build a more flexible and efficient network that can react to current and future energy changes.

What do you think?

We have listened to feedback and used this to shape our plans to date. But we aren’t stopping there. We are still asking our customers to get in touch and tell us what they would like to see happen.

  • Delivering greener, lower cost gases by creating biomethane collection hubs
  • Enabling decarbonisation by broadening the band of industrial standards
  • Proving the case to allow more green gas on the network
  • Developing smarter networks and the use of new technology
  • Designing and running new system projects in frontier towns

You’ll find more detail on these ideas in our ‘Planning a shared future‘ document and you can have your say by clicking one of the options below:

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